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Animal Dynamics
Animal Dynamics

At Animal Dynamics they know that nature’s evolved designs are more efficient, elegant and powerful than anything yet built by man. However, the last decade has seen revolutions in analytical technology that allow us to evaluate high-performance animals to a previously unachievable degree, and use cutting-edge science to understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying this performance. At Animal Dynamics we don't simply attempt to replicate the high-performance natural designs, but marrie fine-engineering skills with a deep understanding of the fundamental mechanisms to produce revolutionary machines that will change the shape of the future. Taking our inspiration from animals and the natural world, we can achieve significant improvements in the performance and efficiency of vehicles in water, air, and ground travel. What motivates us is our desire to create original and worthwhile solutions to real problems. We are motivated to realise designs that will positively disrupt industries and technical approaches that have long been taken for granted.
Oxford, UK
Founded in 2015
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