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Principal Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Principal Software Engineer

Job Posted
July 10, 2023 8:47 AM
$140k+ salary and $100k+ equity

About Scarlet

Scarlet empowers companies building the software that’ll bring accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone on the planet.
We believe in an exciting future, where software is ubiquitous in healthcare, delivering better outcomes for everybody.
Unfortunately, the current regulatory environment wasn't designed for software:
It can be so daunting and time-consuming that some smaller innovative projects never get off the ground.
It can delay the first release of software by years.
It can slow subsequent iterations to the same pace at which drugs and hardware medical devices are improved.
We have built Scarlet from the ground up to certify Software Medical Devices.
Scarlet’s mission is to hasten the transition to universally accessible and affordable healthcare by safely increasing the quantity, quality and access to Software Medical Devices
To achieve this, Scarlet’s product enables its customers to achieve swift regulatory approval and perform frequent subsequent software updates.


We emphasise the following principles:
Small Team, Big Impact: A council of Jedis rather than an army of stormtroopers, if you will.
We strive to make an outsized impact relative to the size of our team.
Openness: Proactively sharing context, so we can all make good choices
Problem-centricity: Framing our conversations in terms of problems and striving to define and prioritise them well.
These three principles empower us to be unreasonably effective whilst enjoying:
Flexible working
No prescribed hours
No holiday tracking
Low/no scheduled meetings
No stand-ups, retrospectives or agile ceremonies
We get together in real life roughly quarterly for a week at our offices in London or Amsterdam
Asynchronous collaboration
We have rich async discussions
We flexibly have 1:1s with each other as and when it makes sense
Extremely High Trust and Autonomy
Nobody just implements prescribed solutions handed to them by someone else.
We all solve problems, own our choices and trust and respect each other.

The Engineering Team

We are a Clojure team.
Lightning introductions to the members of the team:
🇩🇪 🪚 Ferdinand Beyer - recently open-sourced licence-finder 👩‍⚖️
🇩🇪 🌙 Lukas Domagala - helps out on calva
🇺🇸 🧘‍♂️ Jacob Maine - helps out on clojure-lsp

Our Hiring Process

We view our hiring process as "Always on - with a really high bar".
(1) Reach out to me in Clojurians Slack (@Jamie Cox) with your GitHub, LinkedIn/CV
(2) We’ll do a quick sanity check on the possibility of a fit on our side
Here are some of the things which might be exciting early indications of a potential mutual fit:
10++ years of professional experience
Highly regarded contributions in OS projects
Experience building dev-tools
Passion/motivation to solve problems in healthcare
Strong reference from a well-regarded source
(3) We’ll enable you to do a sanity check on the possibility of a fit on your side
… we’ll share a bunch more stuff for you to peruse:
🍿 Introduction to Scarlet video (10 mins)
📽️ Product demo videos
📚 Product docs
👾 Access to a demo account
(4) An intro call with me
An opportunity for you to ask me all your questions about what you’ve seen so far and anything else
An opportunity for me to ask you a few questions about where you’re coming from, what your superpower(s) is/are, and what you need from your environment to be able to wield them at maximum strength
(5) A call with a future teammate
An opportunity for technical and cultural questions from both sides
(6) Technical challenge
Your choice from
An open-source contribution. We’ll compensate you for up to a few days of the time you spend on it. If you’ve very recently done any of the following anyway - great! Just send us that!
Solve a non-trivial problem in an open-source project
Spin up in an open-source project you’re unfamiliar with and send us some stuff that demonstrates your impact
Create a new open-source project that solves a problem you care about
A pair programming session with a member of the team
(7) Call(s) with the (one or two) remaining future teammates that you’ve not met yet
An opportunity for technical and cultural questions from both sides
(8) Call with my co-founder James